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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ten Verbs

This 10 verb meme thing. Only bad can come of it. Either you find out that I don’t have great command of the English language or find out that I have no idea what a verb is. It’s lose lose. To hedge my bet I think I’ll go back to my humble beginnings and post the first 10 verbs from my first script, Expedition, which my mother assures me is Academy Awards material.

swirls, line, burdened, populate, walks, bundled, wears, appears, is, looks

Now, if someone wouldn't mind prying these nails from my ankles and wrists*, I'd like to get down now. I will give fresh nails to my good friend Ryan. Tag. You're it.

*I don't claim to be Jesus or any other deity, but if my "walk on water" experiment goes as well as planned I may revise that statement.


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