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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Paris Bound

Today I leave for Paris. This will be my first time in Europe. Based on intelligence I’ve gathered I expect an oxygen based atmosphere and a gravitational pull that is at least on par of what I experience here on Earth.

Yeah, it feels like I’m going to the moon, unsure if I’d be stricken by some affliction on my first inhale of European air. I mean what if France invades the U.S. while I’m there?* Then what? Do I learn French and start striking?

Despite my trepidations, I’m sure I’ll have a swell time. Apparently there is some sort of tower over there and some old dead guy has a really big house you can walk through. I’ll also try to get my hands on one of those state-issued berets that all the people there get and take a mime class.

I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about the French people as a whole. The ones I know personally are very nice. I’m going there expecting to meet good people, and doing my best not to play the part of the ugly American. It is fascinating to me though, the cultural differences and that some of the reasons we Americans are seen as rude is because things we do in the states that are considered normal practice can be construed as rude elsewhere.

All in all, I’m confident that if I treat them like a culturally superior race of atomic supermen they will take to me just fine.

Assuming the Internet stretches into France, I will endeavor to blog about my journey, and pass on any information I turn up about the rumored tower.

* That is too rich. I’m saving that for my act.

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  • At 10:27 AM, Blogger Ryan Rasmussen said…

    Do try to ease up on the flan while you're there. At least try the bread. And the fries.


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